Striving to live a communal life rooted in prayer in order to better discern God’s will, the women living in Casa Guadalupe work normal everyday jobs or attend a university, but come together as a community to pray several times throughout the day. Many of the women in the house work at parishes as Youth Ministers and Secretaries. Some women are chastity and pro-life speakers and go to High Schools and Religious Education programs to speak to the teens. Others in the house have secular jobs tutoring or as administrative assistants.

We commit to praying the Liturgy of the Hours. Some hours we pray as a community, others we pray individually. Each morning when we meet for morning prayer, we adopt priests that we pray for daily. Furthermore, we strive to keep the Eucharist at the center of our lives. Individually, we strive to attend daily Mass and take daily silent prayer in a chapel. Twice a week, we come together for a communal Eucharistic Holy Hour.

Through community, we learn to experience the mercy and love of God through one another as our true selves are revealed. We have a weekly meeting to discuss day-to-day activities, meet for prayer several times throughout the day, and come together for fraternal time to enjoy each others’ company. Once per week we have a community meal together.

We believe that service is an integral part of discernment because it makes us reach outside of ourselves. We commit to serving the poor as a community at least one day per month. However, we frequently work as associates with the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal throughout the week. We help each other out with the different ministries we are involved with.

Typical Weekday Schedule
6:00am Office of Readings
7:35am Lauds (Morning Prayer with Holy Hour)
9:00am Work, School, Study
12:00pm Midday Prayer
6:00pm Vespers (Evening Prayer)
6:30pm Evening Activity or Free Night
9:00pm Compline (Night Prayer)